All Bangla Singer Code For Grameenphone Welcome Tune. Category sort by A-Z . A · B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Here i am sharing funny welcome tune code for grameenphone. If you want to set any funny song of as your gp welcome tune please collect your funny song code and set your welcome tune. .. Nice. Youtube Top Movie List. HOW TO SET WELCOME TUNES? 1. Go to your message option. 2. Type WTWelcome tune code 3. Send to Example: WT.

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Welcome tune – Offer

After the beep, Search the song by Song name or Album name. Robi is introducing most affordable Postpaid combo bundle packs to our valued Postpaid subscribers. Forward all incoming calls to your GP number from any international number whi Like the code is then customers will have to dial and the call will land directly on the desired song.

A helpful wapsite for Bangladeshi mobile phone user. B party will get the below notification SMS: Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Linkedin.


If you permanently deactivate the service, your purchased Welcome Tunes will not be deleted from My Gallery for 2 months. Welcome Tune service can be reactivated within 60 days of permanent deactivation.

System will recognize the status of B party receiver and charging will happen accordingly. This feature is applicable for all registered Welcome Tune Subscriber. Customers will be able to listen hence experience songs by dialing along with song code. Yes, Welcome Tunes can be temporarily deactivated. International Call Forwarding Service. Now you can cofe your friends listen to their favorite tunes every time they call you.

Gp welcome tune code 2016 part-02

You can purchase Welcome Tunes by following ways: In that case, you will get back all of your previously purchased songs, i. Play popular songs for as many friends as you like.

The Process flow is given below: Gp Sim Online Registration Free!!!!!!!! Grameenphone brings International Call Forwarding Service.

Funny Welcome Tune Code For Grameen Phone | Grameenphone Welcome Tune Code

Upon successful delivery A party will receive below SMS: Both subscribers Sender and receiver have to be registered to Welcome Tune Service to avail this feature.

No charge will be applicable for B Party to set the song. Get Welcome Tunes on your Grameenphone Postpaid and Eid Special Campaign EidQuiz!!!! Web Result BD The song will add in B party’s gallery.


Like Our Fan Page. Yes, Welcome Tunes can be permanently deactivated. Dial and press 7 for Voice Search 2. You gramdenphone to do the following: Voice Search feature will enable subscribers to find the exact song they are looking for just by saying the song or album name.

In case of Subscription Gifting, customers do not have to be registered on Welcome Tune for gifting other GP customers. If you temporarily deactivate your account, your purchased Hune Tunes will not be deleted from My Gallery and you have to pay monthly fee.

Welcome tune

Find us on Facebook. Choose your cose from the latest Bangla, Hindi and English hits, whacky sounds or pure instrumental and more. Copy Welcome Tune from any GP number!

Only monthly fee will be applicable. Grameenphone always strives to ensure uninterrupted use of your