In today’s column I interview Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL one of the world’s largest IT firms is by putting employees first and customers second. Vineet Nayar: Employees First, Customers Second. by: Mike Sturm. Vineet Nayar has a smile that implies that he knows something that many. Employee First, Customer Second (EFCS) is a radical new philosophy In February , Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies announced.

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Vineet is just an anchor person of thousands of us. Beyond business, this book is about following your own path and going against conventional wisdom and power structures. A very easy-to-read case study about empowering employees and giving them the opportunity to do great things under a clear vision.

Open Preview See a Problem? The book would leave you with a thought for transformation. She personally told them how hard everyone had worked on the presentation and how hard they will work to create value for them.

Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down

For a company to truly transform and get better, it needs plumbers—people who are interested in finding the leaks and fixing them. I read this book when a person from HCL was going to visit my department for a seminar. They give orders, but the orders are not executed because there is no trust.

Books by Vineet Nayar. May be its helps you too. Jul 27, Satia rated it liked it Shelves: His vision for HCL was simple: This one had to be a must read for me especially when its written by one of the people I admire. On a philosophical note author note that treating employees as human being with emotions and fears is key to make them work. Nayar has his eyes on something more: That, in and of itself, seems impossible. That was until he met a coach who not only taught him Judo but helped him win an entire tournament.


He primarily talks about how opening the company to its employees, building a transparent system of working and open dialogue system of communication instead of monologues actually helped driving better results.

A must read for someone who wants to do something to his vineft and help the company develop. Clearly and warmly exposes the myths of conventional business management sefond the wastefulness of hierarchy and command and control centered organizations. Nayar used the four questions and four steps in Indian schools to vastly improve educational outcomes—specifically in English and math.

It kept those in management in a position to lead because the people believed that they should be there.

Vineet Nayar: Employees First, Customers Second

Aug 12, Verbiage rated it it was amazing. Does your team believe in you? Nayar helped to break with the past, and helped to create a program using audio programs on boomboxes to help teach English to teachers and students at the same time, then empower teachers to reinforce and build upon the lessons to the students.

Get your digital copy of the summary from cuetomer link below. The value zone in action. Nayar tells the parable of a plumber who shows up at an expensive house, and the owner wastes 2 hours telling him about how great the house is.

I liked the discussed concepts and ideas in this book because it was based on practical experience of the author, however, What I didn’t like is the showoff part and marketing i.

You will enjoy it. Trivia About Employees First, Interesting and very different approach to dealing with staff. Empowering the employees and bringing them closer to management, HCLT created an environment of initiatives and openness. This is an idea which can be applied in most organisations albeit its size or industry, expecting positive results.


You never look into the mirror and think whether you have changed and t Vineet Nayar’s turnarond story is one of the masterpiece of evolving nature vinet corporate stakeholder management.

The leaders also introduced online portals for executives of the company to participate in company leadership, providing ideas for the next big change. A real war story explaining ideas simply and clearly!

Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down by Vineet Nayar

By adopting these new management models, Vineet takes you through his journey to bring HCL Technologies to the forefront of the Indian outsourced IT offerings. Such an vimeet provides with high level of employee engagement that nurtures a culture of empowerment and initiati Yet another management book which discusses a simple idea of change in the manner an organisation typically functions.

Management also had appraisals done regularly by employees. But his way of doing it runs secnod to much of the received wisdom in the broader business world, and that way is captured in the title of his bestselling book: The purpose of the business is to create and deliver differentiated value to the customers. It is more a “eye csutomer than a manual. A lot of people are found skeptic about change.

Sep 23, Vinay Jain added it.